About Victoria Braden Photography


All my life I have been a creative person. I started plunking out little tunes on the piano when I was three or four years old. My grandmother had me painting watercolors of flowers when I was five. I was encouraged to draw and write, and I had to practice the piano for endless hours, but those early experiences molded me into who I am today.

After graduation from college I acquired my first real camera, a Canon AE-1, and started shooting landscapes and wildlife. My job in art sales and picture framing honed my craft in design, composition and color theory. For a brief time I worked at Nordstrom’s catalog as an assistant stylist where I worked with many amazing art directors and fashion photographers. I was influenced early on by photographers Elliot Porter, David Muench, and Ray Atkinson. Being from Seattle, I emulated my two local icons, Josef Scaylea and Art Wolfe.

Today I live in Silverdale with my husband Ralph, two cute cats, and my spotted horse Roc.  I spend most of my time teaching general music to some awesome students in the Central Kitsap School District. I enjoy having a job where innovation, imagination, and creativity are shared back and forth on a daily basis. I spend my breaks from school traveling and photographing places locally and far away. I have been lucky enough to travel on a few workshops with renowned photographer Art Wolfe. His teaching has helped my photography grow immensely in the past few years.

I hope you enjoy looking through my images. If you have any questions or comments, please contact me via email or phone.  

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